Client Testimonials

MDW is recognized as the “Transfer Pricing Firm of the Year in Canada” and other honors like this by Acquisition International, Finance Monthly, Corporate Live Wire, and other organizations.

“In the reasons for judgment, the court relied heavily on the expert report and testimony by Matthew Wall of MDW Consulting. The court approved of the way in which Wall investigated the information given to him, searched for and used other publicly available facts, and ultimately proved the internal and external transactions to be relevant and reliable CUPs for pricing the setup fees.”Shaun Maclsaac (Q.C. of PMR Law)
Lead Counsel for Alberta Printed Circuits Ltd. in tax court
“Matthew Wall left no stone unturned rebutting the government’s TNMM analysis. Mr. Wall not only questioned the government’s expert witness Deloris Wright’s assumptions, he turned the problem around, applied his objections to the facts, and developed his own competing TNMM.”Richard T. Ainsworth (The Boston University School)
“We were surprised when the CRA audit went well beyond the transfer pricing documentation that we provided and worried when the CRA were seriously considering $40 million in adjustments. At this point, we hired Matthew Wall at MDW Consulting Inc. and found he worked quickly to provide new ideas, a unique strategy and a supplementary package that the CRA cited as reasons for closing the audit with no adjustments. Matthew helped us avoid millions in taxes, interest and a prolonged dispute with the CRA.”Tax Manager, Large Public Company,
Pharmaceuticals Industry
“My company and our advisor were frustrated by the CRA’s audit and dispute of our inter-company transactions, were surprised by their Reassessment, and had similar difficulties during the Appeals process. We hired Matthew at this point and found he did a great job in putting forward our case in a manner that most, if not all of us, were unable to do. Most importantly, we were successful in defending our position, thanks to Matthew. The Appeals Officer and Ottawa made important references to the report that Matthew prepared as support for their decision in overturning the CRA’s reassessment.”Owner, Canadian Controlled Private Corporation
“We expanded our business into the U.S. and were surprised to learn how much legal, accounting and tax work was involved in the start-up. Matthew Wall at MDW Consulting Inc. helped make sense of all this, explaining why things were needed, and was great at coordinating with my other advisors. Matthew provided a policy for the inter-company transactions between our Canada and U.S. operations that was easy to implement, allows for growth, and serves as the “building blocks” for doing more later. His simple solutions to complex problems are a great help for our organization and I am sure that is why our tax lawyer recommended that we use Matthew.”Owner, Canadian Controlled Private Corporation
“Matthew Wall has the ability to take a complex topic like Transfer Pricing and make it easy to understand. His expert knowledge, keen insights and attention to detail make his presentations highly informative. His speech to the combined Toronto chapters of the Canadian Institute of Management, Certified General Accountants and the Guild of Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Accountants was very highly regarded.”Chairman for the Event
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