OECD – Intangibles

Matthew Wall OECD

MDW explained the OECD issued new guidance for Chapter VI on Intangibles, which replaces the current provisions in their entirety.

Transfer Pricing Litigation

Matthew Wall Transfer Price

MDW explained the trial judge withdrew himself from McKesson Canada vs. The Queen, believing that the Appellant has wrongly accused him of being untruthful, dishonest and deceitful.

CRA and IRS Update

Matthew Wall CRA Updates

MDW explains the CRA and IRS discuss using “special measures” to reassess oil and gas transactions between related parties.

CRA Update

Matthew Wall CRA Updates

MDW explained the CRA’s latest Transfer Pricing Memo (TPM-05R) on requests for contemporaneous documentation.

Bloomberg BNA Interview

Matthew Wall Bloomberg BNA

Bloomberg BNA interviewed Matthew Wall for “McKesson Canada Alleges Errors of Law In Appealing Landmark Transfer Pricing Case.”