Bloomberg BNA Quote

Matthew Wall Bloomberg BNA, Transfer Price

Bloomberg BNA quoted Matthew Wall at the OECD Public Discussion for “McDonald Recommends Separation Between “Special Measures” for BEPS, Transfer Pricing.”

OECD Public Consultation

Matthew Wall OECD

Matthew Wall of MDW participated in the OECD Public Consultation in Paris for the Revised Draft on Intangibles, Transfer Pricing Documentation, Country-by-Country Reporting, and G20/OECD Action Plan for Base Erosion and Profit Splitting.

Bloomberg BNA Interview

Matthew Wall Bloomberg BNA

Bloomberg BNA interviewed Matthew Wall for “OECD’s Andrus Looks to Retirement, as Work on BEPS, Intangibles Continues.”

OECD Intangibles

Matthew Wall OECD

Matthew Wall of MDW submitted detailed comments to the OECD on their Revised Draft for Chapter VI on Intangibles.

International Tax Review

Matthew Wall Tax

International Tax Review interviewed Matthew Wall for “Reinsurance transactions under scrutiny in Canada.”

Private Equity

Matthew Wall Transfer Price

Private equity firms had Matthew Wall present “SEC Disclosures on Transfer Pricing” for equity analysts and portfolio managers.

Transfer Pricing Week

Matthew Wall Tax, Transfer Price

Transfer Pricing Week published “Tax authorities using CUPs for pricing transactions” by Matthew Wall and David Jarczyk in response to earlier comments by Joseph Andrus at the OECD.